I worked on an enterprise NAS (Network Attached Storage) department to build on-premises hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. Areas I focused on are enterprise storage, SMB/CIFS file sharing, virtualization, high availability and DevOps.

Work history

  • Associate DevOps Engineer at Vantage FX, Sydney, Australia (Feb 2020 - Present)
  • Software Engineer at QNAP Systems, Taipei, Taiwan (Nov 2015 - Apr 2019)


  • Virtualization and Container Orchestration: oVirt, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, AWS
  • Automation & CI/CD: Bash scripting, Jenkins, Ansible
  • Database Administration: PostgreSQL, repmgr (streaming replication and HA for PostgreSQL)
  • File Sharing: Samba server (with Active Directory integration), NFS, wireshark, tshark
  • Performance measurement: Iometer, fio, iperf
  • HA and Clustering: Keepalived, GlusterFS
  • Programming and other primitives: C, Python, Git, OpenAPI Specification 2.0, Swagger UI


My master’s thesis is a digital watermark scheme, regarding using cryptographic tools to insert unforgeable and subject-related watermark into a 2-D grayscale image to resolve the copyright ownership dispute under adversarial watermark removal attacks.

My advisor is Prof. Pei-Yih Ting (丁培毅).


A Provable Watermark-based Copyright Protection Scheme
Pei-Yih Ting, Shao-Da Huang, Tzong-Sun Wu, and Han-Yu Lin
2015 10th Asia Joint Conference on Information Security (AsiaJCIS 2015, Taiwan)

黃少達, 丁培毅, 吳宗杉
2015 全國計算機會議 (2015 National Computer Symposium, NCS 2015, Taiwan)

碩士學位論文 (Master’s thesis, 2015)

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